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Assertio therapeutics (formerly known as Depomed) develops extended and controlled release small molecule therapeutics by using a gastroretentive polymer formulation. This formulation allows for decreased dosing, lower toxicity, and improved therapeutic efficacy over traditional formulation.


Acuform technology-A gastroretentive polymer that works by selectively expanding in the upper GI tract. Once the polymer expands, a proprietary technology allows for the controlled release of the therapeutic compound at a predetermined rate and time. Acuform technology allows for release of therapeutics at up to an 8-10 hour timeframe, whereas traditional drugs release over 3 hours. This allows for decreased dosing, more tolerable toxicity, and improved therapeutic efficacy. Assertio incorporates acuform technology into its own portfolio of neurology, orphan and specialty drugs, as well as partner drugs.

About Acuform technology


Reviews and Case Studies:

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Original Science:

Original Science Publications for Specific Disease Indications


Assertio Therapeutics, Inc is currently the assignee on 43 patents related to its polymeric drug delivery system.

All patents assigned to Assertio Therapeutics

Select Patents:

Sustained-Release Oral Drug Dosage Form

Alkyl-Substituted Cellulose-Based Sustained-Release Oral Drug Dosage Forms

Development Stage


Acuform technology is in use with both external partner drugs and internal Assertio drugs.

Marketed Assertio Drugs: Postherpetic neuralgia, Migraine attacks, Mild/moderate acute pain

Marketed Partner Drugs: Moderate/severe chronic pain (Collegium), Moderate/severe acute pain (Collegium), Acute severe pain (Malinckrodt).

Phase III Assertio Drugs: Cosyntropin

Phase III Partner Drugs: Gastroesophageal reflux disease (Ironwood)

Innovation Opportunity

  • Oral drug delivery
  • Small molecule
  • Orphan diseases
  • Reformulation of generic drugs

Partnering Opportunities

Assertio is interested in expanding its internal drug portfolio to include drugs for orphan diseases and primary care through industry or academic partnerships. Assertio is also interested in industry partnerships to reformulate drugs with Accuform technology.

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