Microbiome/Precision Medicine

BiomeSense utilizes individual variability in the microbiome for precision medicine applications.


Microbiome precision medicine-The human microbiome is dynamic and complex and deviations from the normal population can be indicative of an impeding or existing disease. Significant data must first be collected from the population of interest to establish a baseline microbiome analysis. Thereafter, deviations can be correlated to specific disease states, allowing microbiome data analytics to be useful for precision medicine applications. BiomeSense utilizes sensors installed in patients’ toilets to collect fecal samples and use them for microbiome analysis. The resulting data is then uploaded directly to a cloud database. Once enough data is compiled, future samples can be effectively analyzed and compared to the database for diagnostic and disease monitoring applications.


Getting the Scoop on Poop
July 18, 2018, University of Chicago WELLNEWS

Startup That Analyzes Bacteria in Feces Gets Backed by UChicago Fund
Katherine Davis, ChicagoINNO, June 6, 2018

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Innovation Opportunity

  • Precision medicine
  • Microfluidic devices
  • Digital health
  • Microbiome


Biomesense is currently involved with collecting and analyzing diverse data on the microbiome and may be interested in industry and academic partnerships to further this effort.

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