Pear Therapeutics

Prescription Digital Therapeutics (PDTs)

Pear Therapeutics develops FDA approved prescription digital therapeutics for use in conjunction with or in replacement of conventional treatments for cognitive and mental health disorders.


Prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs)-These are clinically validated smartphone applications intended to help treat a specific disease. In many cases, PDTs are used in conjunction with traditional treatment approaches, such as to help patients make the lifestyle changes promoted in outpatient therapy programs. In some cases, PDTs can also be used to replace traditional therapies, such as by delivering sensory stimuli to manage depression symptoms. Physicians can also use PDTs to monitor patient progress. The first FDA approved PDT is reSET which was developed by Pear for the treatment of substance abuse disorder. reSET is a 12 week program used in conjunction with traditional outpatient addiction treatment. At home, patients participate in digital cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) modules and fluency trainings. Patients also record changes in behaviour and substance use as treatment progresses.

Development Stage

(In Market, Clinical, Pre-Clinical)

Approved/In Market: Substance Use Disorder/Opioid Use (reSET)

FDA Submission: Insomnia/Depression (Pear-003), Schizophrenia (Pear-004)

Proof of Concept: Traumatic Brain Injury/Epilepsy (Discovery),PTSD (reCALL)

Discovery: Parkinson’s Disease (Discovery), Multiple Sclerosis (Pear-006), Autism (Discovery), Oncology/Inflammation/CV/GI/Respiratory

Innovation Opportunity

  • Digital Health
  • Behavioral Health


Pear partners with various academic, industry, and government organizations for the development and clinical validation of its PDTs.

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