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Drug Delivery/Oncology

Halozyme Therapeutics develops a recombinant enzyme that breaks down the hyaluronan in the subcutaneous space. This can either be used as an adjuvant to improve subcutaneous drug delivery or as a stand alone cancer therapy that targets the tumor microenvironment.


Enhanze Injection (PegPH20)-Hyaluronan is a polysaccharide found in the subcutaneous space of the extracellular matrix. Upon hydration, hyaluronan becomes a gel like substance that fills the extracellular space and resists bulk fluid flow, significantly limiting subcutaneous injection volume and speed. In cancers, the density of hyaluronan puts pressure on tumor blood vessels. This creates a hypoxic environment that makes effective drug delivery challenging and also promotes further tumor angiogenesis. The Enhanze injection contains a recombinant version of one of the human hyaluronidases that has been modified to increase circulation half life. This enzyme cleaves the glycosidic linkage between hyaluronan disaccharide, releasing the bound water in the process. This opens up the subcutaneous space and the blood vessels around the tumor, allowing for more rapid administration of cancer therapies. Since hyaluronan promotes angiogenesis, has immunosuppression effects, and also recruits pro-tumor factors, PegPH20 is also being evaluated as a stand alone therapy for different types of cancers.

How the Enhanze injection works


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Original Science Research:

Original science publications for specific disease indications


Halozyme, Inc. is listed as an assignee on 47 patents related to hyaluronidases in adjuvants.

Select Patents:

Extended Soluble PH20 Polypeptides and Uses Thereof

Modified Hyaluronidases and Uses in Treating Hyaluronan-Associated Disease and Conditions

Combinations and Methods for Subcutaneous Administration of Immune Globulin and Hyaluronidase

Development Stage


The Enhanze Drug Delivery System is currently available in the clinic and is in various stages of clinical trials in combinations with the following therapeutics:

Approved: Herceptin SC, Rituximab SC, Hyqvia, Darzalex

Phase III Trials: Abraxane

Phase I Trials: Keytruda, Halaven, Tecentriq, Perjeta

Preclinical: PegPHP20 stand alone cancer therapeutic

In addition to the list of disclosed trials, undisclosed therapeutics are currently in pre-clinical development in partnership with Roche, Pfizer, Janssen, AbbVie, Lilly, BMS, Alexion.

Innovation Opportunity

  • Oncology
  • Subcutaneous drug delivery
  • Biologic drug formulation


Drug formulation: Halozyme collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to re-formulate existing drugs with the Enhaze system

Drug Development: Halozyme is seeking clinical and non-clinical collaborators to develop PEGPH20 as a stand alone cancer therapy.

Further information on partnering opportunities

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