Iterum Therapeutics

Multi-Drug Resistance

Iterum is developing an antibiotic therapeutic for the treatment of multidrug resistant bacterial urinary tract infections and intra-abdominal infections. The lead drug candidate, Sulopenem, was purchased from Pfizer after its discontinuation in a phase II clinical trial.


Penum-class antibiotic-Most widely prescribed antibiotics such as penicillin are B lactams. This class of drugs works by inhibiting cell wall biosynthesis in bacteria. However, many bacteria can develop drug resistance to this class of drugs which is usually conferred by B lactamases. These enzymes hydrolyze the B lactam chemical structure and render these antibiotics ineffective. Penums work in a mechanistically similar manner to B lactams, only their structure is resistant to B lactamase hydrolysis.


No current publications listed. Scientific posters and presentations.

Development Stage


Sulopenem is the only drug in the Iterum pipeline and is currently recruiting for a phase III clinical trial. The phase II trial was completed when the drug was still owned by Pfizer.

Innovation Opportunity

  • Multi-drug resistance
  • Small molecules


Iterum’s only drug is currently in Phase III clinical trials. Iterum is interested in collaborating with industry or academia for the pre-clinical development of additional drugs to treat multidrug resistant infections or to acquire drug leads.

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