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Renal Diseases

Oxalo Therapeutics develops peptide factors that stimulate certain elements of the microbiome to reduce the risk of kidney stone formation and other types of renal damage.


Oxalobacter formigenes peptide factors (OFX-514)-Oxalate is an anion found in many foods and can precipitate with cations during excretion in the kidneys, resulting in the formation of kidney stones. Overaccumulation of oxalate can also lead to renal damage, renal failure, and in severe cases death. This oxalate accumulation can occur in the liver (Primary Hyperoxaluria), the GI tract (Secondary Hyperoxaluria), or the plasma (Hyperoxalemia). The anaerobic bacterium Oxalobacter formigenes colonize the large intestine and consume oxalate as their sole energy source. This bacterium can interact with the colon endothelium, which stimulates the colonic secretion of oxalate in a protein kinase A mediated pathway. This alternate oxalate secretion pathway lowers the oxalate concentration in the kidneys and plasma. OFX-514 are peptides derived from Oxalobacter formigenes bioactive factors that can promote the colonic oxelate secretion pathway.


Oxalobacter formigenes-Derived Bioactive Factors Stimulate Oxalate Transport by Intestinal Epithelial Cells
Arvans, D; et al. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2017 Mar; 28(3): 876-887.


Oxalobacter Formigenes (Of)-Derived Factors for the Treatment of/Prevention of Excess Oxalate Levels
Patent assigned to the University of Chicago

Development Stage

Proof of concept/Pre-clinical development

Innovation Opportunity

  • Microbiome
  • Peptides


Oxalo may be interested in industry and academic partnerships for its bioactive peptide factors (OFX-514) in order to help accelerate preclinical development.

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