Non-Opioid Drug Overdose  

ResQ Pharma develops liquid emulsion intravascular injections as a last ditch resuscitation agent for patients with non-opioid drug overdose or local anesthetic systemic toxicity.


Intravenous Lipid Emulsion (ILE)-ILE has been shown to resuscitate patients in cardiovascular collapse or refractory cardiac arrest resulting from non-opioid drug overdose and local anesthetic systemic toxicity. This method resuscitates patients with no reported neurological damage. Once injected, the lipid emulsion creates a lipid pocket in the blood that works to trap lipophilic drugs, removing them from circulation overtime. In addition, ILE relieves some of the physiological damage associated with drug overdose. The lipid emulsion can promote lipid sequestration to the mitochondria and the influx of calcium to cardiac myocytes, both of which are impaired in certain drug overdoses.

Selected Publications

Intravenous Lipid Emulsion for the Treatment of Drug Toxicity
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Vitamin K-Enriched Lipid Emulsion Formulations for the Treatment of Pharma Toxicity

Development Stage

Phase III: LipidRescue Therapy for local anesthetic system toxicity

Pre-Clinical: LipidRescue Therapy for non-opioid drug overdose

Innovation Opportunity

  • Non-opioid drug overdose
  • Local anesthetic systemic toxicity
  • Orphan drugs


ResQ may be interested in partnering to help accelerate the pre-clinical development of its non-opioid drug overdose LipidRescue injection. ResQ may also be interested in partnering to develop other treatments for non-opioid drug overdose and local anesthetic systemic toxicity.

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