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Third Coast Therapeutics develops oncology small molecule therapies that inhibit tumor metastasis with higher specificity and lower toxicity than competitor molecules.  


Allosteric HS90B Inhibitor-The lead drug candidate, 3CRX98, is a small molecule that selectively binds to and stabilizes the complex formed between the chaperone HS90B and the co-chaperone CDC37. This stabilization prevents the phosphorylation of a critical serine residue on HS90B, which is a necessary step in signaling cascades that regulate cell motility. Motility is the first step in tumor metastasis, and therefor, 3CRX98  has the potential to be a potent anti-metastatic agent. This drug lead is less toxic than other HS90B inhibitors because of its specificity for the chaperone complex rather than inhibition of enzymatic activity of the chaperon itself. The drug is intended to be used in combination with chemotherapy.


Precision Therapeutic Targeting of Human Cancer Cell Motility
Xu, L; et al. Nature Communications. 2018 Jun 22; 9(1): 2454.

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  • Small molecule
  • Cancer Metastasis
  • Combination therapy


Third coast may be interested in partnering with academia or industry to accelerate the pre-clinical development of its small molecule drug lead

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